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CCRPI Score 2015-2016


Dear Parents/Guardians:
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The Georgia Department of Education has released the 2016 College and Career Ready Performance Index (CCRPI) scores for the DeKalb County School District. These overall scores are comprised of multiple measurements and evaluation methods. Each school is provided a numerical score from 1-100. The overall CCRPI Score for Panola Way Elementary School is 42.5.

Each school's CCRPI Score is comprised of data that comes from one of three categories: the Achievement Score, the Progress Score, and the Achievement Gap Score. Additionally, schools may obtain up to ten “bonus points” from data associated with the Challenge Points Score.


 Achievement Score

  Progress Score  


  Achievement Gap Score  

  Challenge Points Score


  CCRPI Score









 The Achievement Score carries 50% of the weight of the overall CCRPI Score. It is comprised of several indicators for elementary school, middle school and high school performance. These indicators are basic proficiency calculations with the proficiency levels of students identified by the Georgia Department of Education.

The Progress Score is 40% of the overall CCRPI Score and compares student growth. This score uses the Student Growth Percentile (SGP) to compare student growth on state assessments against similar students over a number of years.

The Achievement Gap Score is also 10% of the overall CCRPI Score. The state awards points based upon the highest value of two measurements. The first measures the gap between the school's lowest quartile of performance on standardized tests against a state mean. The smaller the gap, the greater number of points awarded to the school. The state also measures the change in performance gaps from year to year to determine if the gap size mentioned above decreases from the previous year to the current measured year.

The Challenge Points are "bonus points" that schools can earn through two measurements. The first measurement is a review of how well the school's Economically Disadvantaged (ED), English Learners (EL), and Students with Disabilities (SWD) subgroups are doing at meeting state performance targets on standardized tests. The second measurement is a review of additional proficiency indicators that look at how well the school is preparing the student for college and career readiness.

The CCRPI is a comprehensive system that uses multiple indicators and data are utilized to develop a well-rounded measurement of a school's performance. Please visit the Georgia Department of Education’s website at http://www.gadoe.org/Curriculum-Instruction-and-Assessment/Accountability/Pages/default.aspx for greater detail on each of the scores above, and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Panola Way Elementary School looks forward to using this data to improve student achievement and overall school success.



Mr. Ethan P. Suber Principal

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