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Notice to Parents and Students:

On 12/08/2020, 13-week student progress grades will be available for viewing or downloading. When logged into Campus Portal, you can view the grades by clicking on Grades in the menu and then selecting Term 1-1 at the top of the page.

If you wish to download and view or print a formal progress report, please click on the following link for instructions:

Infinite Campus Parent Portal Grade Report

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Posted Wednesday, August 12, 2020
Panola Concurrent Cohort Information
The following information only applies to students who have been registered for Face-to-Face instruction starting on March 9th. For this session, Panola students will attend in Cohort A. The deadline to change your student’s instruction to Face-to-Face for this 4.5 week period has passed. Students will not be added to Face-to-Face instruction for this instructional period. No exceptions.
The next decision window for parents to notify the school of the intent to send students for Face-to face instruction will run from Monday, March 22nd – Friday, April 2nd for their child to report back for in person learning beginning on Thursday, April 29th
By maintaining your instructional decision, you will assist us with maintaining the consistency of the safety protocols we have put in place at our school. Providing a safe learning environment is our # 1 priority. 

Concurrent Learning Model Two days per week 
Beginning March 15, 2021 for grades PreK – Grade 
Face to Face
Asynchronous Learning
Virtual Remote
Cohort A
Monday and Tuesday
Thursday and Friday
Panola Face to Face Instruction
If you have registered your student for face-to- face instruction, your child will begin school in Cohort A on the following days: 

Tuesday, March 9th – Pre-K - 2nd students ONLY.  Students will attend virtually Wednesday - Friday.

Monday, March 15th & Tuesday, March 16th – Grades Pre-K – 5th grade attend school on Monday and Tuesday only. Students will be virtual Wednesday – Friday.

Monday, March 22nd & Tuesday, March 23rd – Grades Pre-K – 5th grade attend school on Monday and Tuesday only. Students will be virtual Wednesday – Friday.

Beginning March 29th – All students signed up for Face-to-Face attend school Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Wednesdays remain asynchronous.

Note: Negative student behavior must be handled and resolved by the parent. Behavior is a parenting concern whereby we expect parents ensure students who return so do so in a way the ensures safety for all students and staff. 

Panola Safety Guidelines
These guidelines are in addition to DCSD Guidelines.
Please adhere to these simplified Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for Face-to Face Learning at Panola.  

1)        If your Face-to-Face registered student is not feeling well, we ask that the parent keep the student at home. Parent(s) will be called to pick up the ill student and given 45 minutes to arrive before the School Social Worker is called. When in doubt, keep them out to learn virtually.

2)        All students must wear a mask before entering the building and for the duration of the school day. Students will also be given a face shield to wear. Masks must also be worn on the bus. Please read the Progressive Discipline Mask Wearing document on our website.

3)        No parents/visitors will be allowed in the building. All meetings will be held virtually with staff as requested by parents. Parents can request a conference with the teacher any time needed. Teachers are available from 7:00a.m. to 8:00a.m., from 2:0p.m. to 3:00p.m. or during the daily planning period while students are at specials.
4)        All students must complete all assignments and submit work virtually.

5)        Students must follow the directives of staff and follow student expectations at all times. Adverse behaviors will not be tolerated. Parents will be called to pick up the student. 

6)        Parent drop-off and regular dismissal pick-up will occur in the car rider lane (follow directional signs). Early dismissal ends at 1:15p.m. Use the QR codes posted near the front entrance to enter your student’s information and speak with staff via camera. 

7)        Please make sure your contact information is current at the school. Information can be changed within Infinite Campus Parent Portal or by emailing our Registrar [email protected] 

8)        All meals served on-site at the PWES are free for all students. Ensure your student has a water bottle daily. Sodas are not allowed. Juice may only be had with lunch. DO NOT SEND GLASS BOTTLES.
Thank you for partnering with us of a safe, positive learning experience.

Department of Student Relations Progressive Discipline-Mask Wearing
1. Progressive Discipline
          a. The student will be asked to adhere to current mask guidelines.                                                                   
          b. A disposable mask will be provided for the student.                                                                                               
          c. If a student continues to refuse to wear a mask, the parent will be called to pick up their student and a conference will be held to                   discuss the option of virtual instruction.                                                                 
           d. A student who continues to refuse to wear a mask will be considered insubordinate and subject to the DeKalb County School                    District Code of Student Conduct Possible Discipline Violations:

  • #8 Refusal to Follow Instructions; Level 1(Conference) - Level 5 (6-10 OSS/Contract)
  • #26 Unsafe Action; Level 5 (6-10 OSS/Contract) –Level 7 (Expulsion)
Note: Bus Drivers are to report non-compliant students to the school administrator immediately upon arrival at the school.

            e. Individual Education Plan (IEP)/504 Plan/Medical Considerations
                As we return to in-person learning, there may be instances in which some students with eligible disabilities might face disability-                    related challenges to mask-wearing.   If a student may require modifications to general mask-wearing requirements due to                            underlying medical, sensory, or psychological reasons, the Individual Education Plan (IEP) or Section 504 team should meet to                      discuss and consider appropriate accommodations around mask wearing and document those accommodations in the student's                   IEP/DLP/504 Plan. In case of modifications, staff members should ensure proper social distancing is maintained when possible.                   Please communicate with the Lead Teacher for Special Education for a variety of resources for all age groups, including social                       stories and first/then visuals.  

Virtual Parent Center Questionnaire

Parent Technology Support

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Posted Wednesday, August 12, 2020
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Posted Thursday, August 6, 2020
DCSD is seeking stakeholder input on their preferences and perspectives for learning models and hybrid options that the school district is considering for the reopening of schools. This feedback includes stakeholders' level of comfort with social distancing and hygiene efforts, school bus transportation, serving meals, taking temperature, access to technology and internet at home, and the use of masks at school. The survey is open from Tues., June 9, until Sun., June 21, 2020. Click HERE to take the survey. Thank you for your time.   
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Posted Tuesday, June 9, 2020
Need help with the Virtual Learning Tools?  Call the Dekalb County School District Help Desk at 678-676-1188.

The Office of Youth Services is very excited to be accepting applications for the DeKalb County Youth Commission. The DeKalb County Youth Commission is a year-long program designed to educate youth about local government.  Participants receive community leadership training, learn about local government, and interact with government officials. During the year, youth commissioners gain the ability to affect change in their communities. The program is managed by the DeKalb Human Services Department, Office of Youth Services. Click the link to apply if you think this is a great experience for your student.




Kindergarten & New Student Registration

Kindergarten and new student registration is now open for the 2021-2022 school year. Please go to the DCSD registration website for information and to the process:

Registration, Enrollment, and Withdrawal Information

Residency Update/Change

Please fill out the form below with residency changes/updates. Please email residency proof to Amelia_Blunt@dekalbschoolsga.org.

Residency proof accepted:

1.     Current Mortgage statement or lease.  Lease, mortgage or utility bill; MUST show parent/guardian name. 

2.     One (1) current utility bill(electric, gas, or water) with the parent/guardian name listed.   No telephone/cell phone bills, cable bills, insurance, or bank statements will be accepted.

3.   Parent/Guardian current official picture identification.

Click here-->Residency Update

Click here to see a sample of a utility bill-->GA Power

Click here to see a sample of a lease-->Lease 

Transfer Students Enrollment

If the student is transferring from a Dekalb County school, please make sure you email residency information (lease or mortgage statement and a utility bill) along with the parent ID.

Please click here -->School to School Withdraw 

New to Dekalb County Student Enrollment

If the student was not a Dekalb County student within the last school year, there is an online process which can be found here:

Please understand the online process can take 24-72 hour to complete.

Student Withdrawal

Click here --> Student Withdrawal

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Posted Thursday, March 19, 2020
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